Friday, February 26, 2010

Thean Hou Temple During Chinese New Year

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Taking the opportunities during Chinese New Year, my wife and I decided to step our feet at Thean Hou Temple at Robson Height, Kuala Lumpur together with my son. The weather that day was so freaking hot, easily 35 degree Celsius at 5pm. To my surprise, there were many cars heading to his temple and it was quite pack. There’s a lot of parking space but was limited and I have to pay RM3 as parking fee where the money will be donated to the temple as charity. The last time I came here was almost 6 years back during my marriage registration services in 2004. The temple was completed in 1987 and opened to public in 1989.

As we walked to the main entrance, we were greeted by the status of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. Here one can kneel on the specially made ground stone and receive a blessing of water from the statue.

Next to the statue, there’s a man-made waterfall, mini cave and deer statues.

A stone throw away, there’s a huge and long colorful dragon on the 1st level.

Some of the souvenirs sold at the 1st level

Nicely decorated Chinese style roof structure with striking red lanterns

2nd level is a multi-purposes hall with a huge stage and 3rd level is basically office. Without wasting any time, I took the crowded stairs to the 4th level where the main praying hall is located. I suggest the temple should have a lift service for the elderly, those who has mobility problem or family with stroller. Maybe there’s a lift which I can’t find it, pardon me.

View from the main gate of the temple facing the prayer hall. Checkout the crowds and I have to wait for a while to snap this shot, else it will be too many people blocking my view…sigh

Shadows of the hanging lanterns, imagine how sunny that day.

There were too many joss sticks on the burner and the lady has to remove it occasionally else the prayers have no where to place their joss sticks. Wonder if my wish will be granted if my joss sticks are removed half way?

The dragon statue on top of the joss stick burner blue roof

I’m always generous when come to praying at temple; please kindly make some donation for good deed.

View of the main gate of the temple

Goddess of Mercy dispensing water from her jar

One of the wooden window panes design, colored with gold painting. Inside is the praying hall

Nearby the Goddess of Mercy, I saw a tree filled with blessing or wishing notes, tied to the tree branches. Maybe I should name it Blessing Tree.

Some of the offering for sale outside the praying hall, selling at RM10 per plate

Blessing lamp

Red cloth tied around the white craved stone as fences and it creates beautiful outline of the whole temple building

There are 4 mini statues at the end of every roof tiles.

The temple structure looks extremely rich in colors and especially beautiful during Chinese New Year where the red striking lanterns hang along the roof tiles. It’s just spectacular!!!

View from the upper deck where both KL Tower and Twin Tower can been seen despite the hot and hazy weather. The traditional roof structure and the modern skyline make me feel like having a peaceful life at the temple on top of the hill, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Another view of the main gate of the temple at the upper deck

Hanging lanterns along the roof of the temple buildings

One if the lanterns against the colorful temple backdrops

The colorful phoenix at the roof top of the temple

Versus the silhouette of the phoenix

In the between the staircase to the upper floor, lying a 3D dragon or I’m using a 3D lens on my camera.

Quite isolated orange room housing some gods, that’s why not many prayer here

I’m glad the sun is behind the heavy clouds and it’s time for me to snap some good photo with my son and wife…

Picture of my son against the bulb shape hole wall to allow people walking pass through to another section of the temple. That section is where the Goddess of Mercy and blessing tree is located.

After spending almost 2 hours here and before leaving the temple, we headed to the Zodiac Garden, a collection of 12 large animal statues represent the Chinese astrology.

Zodiac of sheep statue

My son zodiac

Roaster zodiac

My zodiac

Will the 2010 Tiger Year a roaring year for me, bless with career, wealth, health and family love. Same goes to all the readers to my blogs. Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you!!!