Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Half Day Trip to Bukit Tinggi

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Since it’s a long weekend during the Hari Raya celebration, I planned for a short day trip to Colmar Tropicale located in Bukit Tinggi with my family. It’s about 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, heading toward the Karak Highway and lies around 2500 feet above sea level. Colmar Tropicale is French themed resort based on a replica of a Colmar village in French dated back to 16th century. We paid RM10 for each adult as entrance fee at the drive-in booth and it’s free for my 2++ years old son. We managed to find a parking space on the 2-3 storeys castle building, since the parking was limited that day. Some even parked along the roadside and have to walk around few hundreds metres. I'm not too sure if there is any public transport to here.

Colmar Tropicale Castle which serves as a function room and parking bay, but the condition of the function room was quite a bad. The toilet here was closed to public due to some reasons. The exterior look quite nice.

We had to walk through the draw bridge to the entrance of Colmar Tropicale with the clock tower.

Before entering the entrance, there was a stair on the left side heading down to a little pond with two white swans and few carp fishes.

There were another two black swans on the ground.

At the entrance, there were 3 males playing musical instrument and a lady sang French song. But I have no idea why they wore batik shirt, shouldn’t they wear some French colonial costumes to spice up the ambience.

Once you entered into the Colmar Tropicale, the village looks nice, but after a while the excitement will fade. It’s quite a boring place, except the slightly cool weather. It would be a one time trip for me. There should have a directory listing or a map board what is available at the Colmar Tropicale. At least a brochure with map will do. Since all the buildings here are based on the Colmar village in French, it should have a board stating the history of each building or a simple introduction. Hopefully it’s still in their improvement plans.

Window panes on the French theme building

Attic windows on the French theme building

Centre to this village is the Colmar Square with fountain.

Sadly, there are not many attractions except two game booths for the children. No stage performers, no clown and street performers as mentioned on the official website. Since it's a public holiday, more activities and performances should have been engaged for the crowds.

This is the first game booth where you need to grab the plastic duckling with a long stick rotating around the pool. The number under the duckling indicated the gift you will receive. Lucky my son got a small bear.

The other game booth where you need to put the six balls inside the clown’s mouth, each at a time and the ball would roll into a random number. The sum of the total number will indicate the gift you will receive. My son loved this game so much; we tried few attempts but no luck. Going back empty handed. Each token caused RM2, but each game here cost between RM4-6 which I find it too expensive.

There were few restaurants, cafes, a bakery shop and even a wine bar. The food here is over priced and the taste is so so only. For budget travelers, it’s better to bring your own foods and drinks. That day, the weather was spanking hot and my wife decided to get a cold soft drink at the nearby souvenir outlet to chill down, unfortunately they do not sell. The seller asked her to get it from the restaurant and I believed it will easily cost us 4-5 times more expensive. How sad. So my wife ends up buying a RM2 ice-cream.

Each of the building here has a unique design. Some of the buildings served as a hotel, children playroom, massage parlour and even karaoke. One of the hotels does have a swimming pool, but the crowd was little.

They have another 4 storeys tower on the other side which I have to climb up because the lift was not functioning. How inconvenient. From the highest tower, we could view the whole village.

After spending 2-3 hours here miserably, we left this place and headed to Japanese Garden. You can either wait for the shutter bus or drive to there. Upon reaching there, we did not go to the garden, as we had to walk up the steep slope for quite a distance, so we gave up. Not all elderly people are fit to walk quite a steep distance. We drove our car and went to the rabbit farm. According to my sister, last year there used to be a lot of rabbits roaming around, but now the amount of rabbits are around 20++. Entrance fee is RM3 for adult.

My son was full of curiosity when cuddling and carrying the rabbits.

I’m not sure if this rabbit has an eye infection. Pity him.

A black rabbit sitting on the stone.

Storks in an enclosed compound next to the rabbit compound.

There even have donkey ride at RM6 and a deer sanctuary with only few deer around.

On top of these attractions, there also have a golf course and paintball field. A day trip to here will be sufficed. The best time to visit will be in the morning before the sun getting real harsh or late evening the air is cooling. I’m not too sure during the night when the lightings are on.

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  1. I didn't know anything of this place before I found your blog, but it really seems very interesting to me. I think is the perfect place to enjoy a family vacations.