Saturday, May 9, 2009

071118 - Hangang Ferry Cruise

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From Yeouiaru Subway Station, I walked to the nearby park in Yeouido called Hangang Park. Gang means River and should be called Han River or just Hangang. This park was built along the Hangang River through the 12 districts in Seoul, one of them is Yeouido. As I was walking along the trail path to find the Ferry Cruise ticket booth; I could hear the sound of the river waves, view the river area and scenery in the pleasant river breeze. The weather was particularly cold that day where the temperature is below 10 Celsius on top of the chilling wind from the river and my jacket is not strong enough to withstand the cold. I still can see many people strolling or jogging along the trail path, cycling and rollerblade. I guess they equipped themselves with warmer. The park in Yeouido is famous for its drama shooting as there are few major TV stations are located here. The Host, one of the hit monster movie in 2006 was shot here which I saw on DVD.

I bought a round trip (Yeouido-Yangwha-Yeouido) Ferry Cruise ticket with live band music performance at jaw dropping price, 14600won, different from what the website stated for 9000won. From the cruise, I went outside the Ferry to enjoy the surrounding scenery but due to the strong chilling wind, I couldn't stay for 10 minutes.

Two person live band, I’m amazed the female singer could sing good English songs, even Mandarin and Japanese songs

This is the KLI63 building means Korea Life Insurance with 63 stories.

Donald Trump also has his own building here, Trump World

A so-called double-desk bridge

I could see flocks of birds in this designated ecological preservation area

National Assembly building

I thought I will only see this in China washroom. I quickly went in and came out from the ferry's washroom. Don’t even dare to look at the trash bin. It will spoil your appetite for the rest of the day…

After the cruise, I took a subway back to my hotel. The next day will be another firefighting day in the office…

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