Sunday, May 10, 2009

071125 - Myeongdong

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Myeongdong is one of the main shopping areas selling mid to high priced items and featuring some international brand outlets. This area was packed with mainly young people especially weekend, coming here for its latest fashion, coffee bar, foods, cosmetic products and nightlife. You will also see stalls selling fake designer goods at the roadside. I always come here at least once a week, either for the food or shopping, and also people watching (in Malay means cuci mata). Besides that, there are few department stores, banks and cinemas. AIG Korea Insurance also located here, phew.

Casual handbags are cheap here, 10,000 won sometimes still able to bargain, if purchased more.

Cute puppies for sale, the owner chased me away while trying to photograph

At Myeongdong, you must try the famous one-foot tall ice-cream at 1000won with so many flavours you can choose.

After having my snack break in Myeongdong, I took a walk at the surrounding area (since my wife shopping list is not ready yet).

This is the Post Tower building; headquarter of Korea’s postal office, such an impressive structure.

Opposite the Post Tower, there is a fountain and few sculptures

On the other side across the street, you will see The Bank of Korea Museum which was built in 1912. During those days, it was a central bank of Japan. After liberation, it became the headquarters of Bank of Korea and now it was transformed into a museum.

Due to the heavy traffic, I took the underground subway walkway to the opposite. I bumped into this waffle shop where the queue was like 20-30 meters long, feeling out of curiosity, I became part of the queue and ordered the waffle. Guess what, it was so good and crispy. You can have a mixture choice of honey, butter, apple, strawberry and chocolate jam, costing at 1000won.

In Seoul, there were many glass panels filled with newspaper for free viewing

On my way back to hotel, along the walkway there are many street stalls selling this rice cake steamed (right) with spicy and sweet sauce called Tteokbokki. On the left is called Sundae, a sausage made of pig intestines stuffed with bean curd, veggie and other stuffs I’m not able to identify the ingredients. It cost me 2000won, depending what you take and the portion. The lady owner was shying away when I wanted to take a photo of her with the stall.

After a fiery meal, headed back to my hotel for a rest. In case I need to visit the toilet, fire in my @$$

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