Sunday, May 10, 2009

071125 - Itaewon

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When you see the arch, you already arrived at Itaewon.

Since Itaewon is very near to the US military base camp and with it surrounding Embassies, there’s no doubt it’s a most popular shopping destination for foreigners. Itaewon has over 2000++ stores whether in the shopping mall, individual outlets or roadside stalls, selling mainly bags, fur coats, leather goods, shoes and suits. I also find the quality and range here is better. Beware; some shops do sell fake goods like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, North Face apparels and etc. I bought few souvenir t-shirts, though the price is extra few thousands won, but the material quality is better than the one I saw in Seoul or Myeongdong. I paid 20,000won for 3 pieces after hard bargaining and I’m still wearing it after 2 years. Anyone needs huge attire or shoes size has no problems finding them here, some shops will display sign “Big Size” or “Big and Tall”. Another reason is that most shop owners do speak English, no need for me to use any sign languages 

If you don’t like Korean food, here is like a heaven for you to satisfy your hunger. You will find variety of restaurants it has to offer, from Indian, Muslim, Chinese, Western, Italian, African and etc besides Korean restaurants. If you want to relax or party, there are many bars and night clubs here. There’s one occasion, when I was walking searching for foods, I accidentally saw one of old western style bar, with a lady with sexy attire putting heavy makeup and ready to roam the street, haha.

I'm suprised to see a stunning mosque, called Seoul Central Mosque at Itaewon

There are many Islamic restaurants around Seoul Central Masjid and stores that sell Halal groceries. I went to one of the restaurant for my buffet lunch, cost at 16500won. It's really worth it, if you like spicy food.

I took a subway from Itaewon to Chungmuro Subway Station for my next destination, Namsangol Hanok Village.

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