Saturday, July 11, 2009

081109 – The 8th Annual Manhwa Day @ N Seoul Tower

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From Namsangol Hanok Village, I walked to the bus stop in front of the Chungmuro subway station and took a yellow bus No 2 to N Seoul Tower. Since I been there previously, I went there to take a good picture in the N Seoul Tower vicinity without buying a ticket going up to observatory deck.

Upon reaching the N Seoul Tower Plaza compound, I saw a human iron sculpture hanging in the air.

Beacon Lighthouse next to the N Seoul Tower

Panoramic view from the lighthouse

Panoramic view facing the north side of Seoul

Coincidently there was The 8th Annual Manhwa Day event, where manhwa is the Korean term for comics and animated cartoons. I’m not sure the name of these characters. I appreciate if someone knows it, please enlighten me in my below comments.

Pavilion in between the N Seoul Tower and the beacon lighthouse

View of the N Seoul Tower at different time

The roof terrace is the symbol of romantic couples love. There are a lot of couples came here and keep terrace lock on the iron fence; and couples wrote some message about their love.

View from the roof terrace facing the south of Seoul

Night view of Seoul, without a tripod


Symbol N

Beautifully lighted pavilion

Reed of Light garden

Human iron sculpture hanging in the air

Though the shots were not that good, I need to practice more. Alright, time to head back to hotel.


  1. I love your photos of the anime characters! We went to the Thailand Game Show in 2010 and saw everyone dressed up too. I loved taking photos of them. If you want to see them, all the photos are halfway down the page here:

    And the wire people at the tower are really cool. I'd like to visit there one day.

    I think your photos are very nice, too :-)

  2. Wow I saw some amazing, cute, sexy stuff in here thanks for share it, I wonder how they made the man in points flying everywhere haha