Sunday, July 26, 2009

Discovering Singapore Chinatown

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Having the mission to discover more of Singapore Chinatown, I headed there alone, which my wife staying with her aunt chatting and resting. I took a MRT from Little India to Chinatown station. Entrance from MRT station with partial glass-covered similar with Bugis Junction except no air-conditioned at Pagoda Street.

Chinatown is an ethnic neighbourhood featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements and a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population. The street architecture of Chinatown's buildings, the shophouses especially, combines different elements of architecture. These styles result in a variety of different colours of which are mainly painted in pastel.

Sam Sui women status outside the Chinatown Heritage Centre. It a mini museum to bring back old memories and untold stories of the early days in Singapore.

All Chinatown around the world looks almost similar, but Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum should be the highlight of your visit here. The name is a bit too long for me to memorize and introduce it to my friends. It’s really an eye-catcher when I passed by this building.

Two guardian statues in front of the temple

Entrance to the temple

Shot from the temple entrance, shooting upward exposing the nice roof design

This is the guide of the temple

100 Dragons Hall (Maitreya Hall) on the first floor is designed according to Buddhist temple of the Tang Dynasty. It is solemn and dignified with a hundred Buddhas enshrined on both sides of the hall. The design and setup was really impressive and its fully air-conditioned.

One of the Buddhas on both sides of the hall

Bird view of 100 Dragons Hall (Maitreya Hall)

At the offering shop, I obtained lamp to offer to the Buddhas for blessing at SG5

Devotees and monks performing morning chanting

Behind the 100 Dragons Hall is the Universal Wisdom Hall (Avalokitesvara Hall). A beautifully handcrafted Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara sits upon an elaborate lotus throne.

A worker cleaning the golden Buddhas covering with gold leaves

Then I took the lift to the top floor and walk up the staircase to the roof level of the temple or so called orchid garden. Here you will see a large prayer wheel in the middle of the area.

View from the roof level

View through the wooden window

Every floor hosts some galleries and mini museums. This is a beautifully crafted Kwan Yin at one of the mini museums.

Opposite the temple and across the road, there were shophouses, nicely made with similar design. I forgot the road name here.

After the stunning temple visit, I took a stroll walk back to Chinatown. There were many stalls selling souvenirs and offering good bargain.

There one dessert shop served good desserts and snacks. It’s worth a try, it opposites either McD or KFC outlet in Chinatown.

Emm, wondering what is sensual massage…call if you are interested.

After the Chinatown visit, I took a MRT back to Little India, packed my stuffs before leaving Singapore in the late afternoon flight at Changi Airport. Good bye, Singapore!!!


  1. beautiful!breathtaking!can i use ur pictures?

  2. One of the things I like he most about this country is the incredible architectural structures, I mean, it is something that we are used to at this side of the world