Monday, July 13, 2009

Sin Yee Poh’s Graduation Day

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11th July 2009 is a big day for my sister-in-law (SIL), Sin Yee Poh graduation day. She has completed her Diploma in Business Administration in Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) College. This event was held at TAR College in Kampar, Perak which is also my wife hometown. Congratulation to her, Ah Poh!!! Currently she is pursuing her Advance Diploma in Business Management cum ICSA in Kuala Lumpur.

We arrived at the graduation hall at 11.30am. The girl in pink attire with a bouquet of flowers is my other SIL, Sin Yee Khuan. In front of her, lady in green shirt carrying a son is my wife.

Okay, time for me to take the responsible to be the lousy photographer of the day. Apologize if the shots are blurred.

Yee Poh in the graduation hall

Grandma (left) and my mother-in-law (right)

Yee Poh’s mom

The only 4 daughters in Sin family, from left to right, Ah Ching (youngest sister), Kit Yee (big sister), Yee Poh (3rd sister) and Yee Khuan (2nd sister)

Yee Poh’s boyfriend, Ah Hiem

Yee Poh’s dad

Yee Poh’s parent

The rest below, you go figure who is who, since I have introduced them above.

My super shy son, Aiden. Too blush after being carried by a girl? Come on, be a man!!!

Finally, the tall hunky macho photographer. Handsome? I will let the readers to decide, haha.

Most of Yee Poh’s friends can’t make it due to location, busy schedule and probably H1N1 outbreak, stayed away from public places. Only a few can make it.

Taking photo of her BF with other female graduates, sad sad sad

Lady in pink

Aiden with great-grandma

This is cute...wondering when will be my turn...

Aiyoh, aunty also wants to take photo, wasting my shots

Ah Ching with her signature smile...

Stage backdrop

Family photo at the stage

Yee Poh

Yee Poh and Yee Khuan

Congratulation banner to graduates

With Ah Hiem

Book prize, sure boh?

Graduation scroll

Finally Yee Poh’s course mates arrived at the stage

Candid moment

Disappointed though some cannot make it and also joy from friend’s wishes, phone never stops buzzing

Outside the main hall

I got nothing to say about this, after this shot, the sky getting cloudy…

Told you, it’s cloudy.

Shots at the vicinity of TAR College

We left around 1pm++, heading back home and took a rest. Hope this will be a memoriable moment for Yee Poh. Congratulation again!!!

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