Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cao Dai Holy See Temple

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Cao Dai Holy See temple is located in Tay Ninh, southern Vietnam, around 30 minutes bus ride from Cu Chi tunnel. Cao Dai means ‘high place’ where it the highest place where God reigns. The full name of Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do shown at the entrance means Great Religion of the Third Period of Revelation and Salvation.

The back view of the temple

Mini pagoda next to the temple

Female Vietnamese in the national or traditional costume, Aodai, a tight fitting silk dress together with the leaf hat

Lion statue with a lotus plant

Elderly women heading to the daily ceremony which starts at 12noon

A leaf hat lying on the temple pavement

Front view of the temple

Shoes were not allowed inside the temple.

Inside the temple. We were not allowed to snap photo of tourists or our partner, as warned by the locals in the temple. I have no idea why.

Staircase around the pillar, but heading to nowhere

A sphere with the Divine Eye at the altar. God is symbolized by the Divine Eye, specifically the left eye because Yang is the left side and God is the master of Yang.

Colorful lanterns, I guess

A range of different Gods. Left to right: Guanyin, Taishang Laojun, the Buddha, Confucius, Guangong. Descending from Buddha, Wenchang Di, Jesus Christ and Laozi. Shall all the Gods work together to bring harmony to the world like what it shown in this temple? Amazing!!!

When the ceremony starts

Are these for the color blind?

Then we had lunch at Thu Thao restaurant, the meal package we got were lousy and not filling. Only a small portion plate of chicken, the rest all veggies and spring roll with hard rice paper. Luckily I brought some biscuits.

Outside the restaurant, I saw this mobile stall selling local version of ‘lok lok’ steamboat. I wanted to try but worried my stomach could not take it.

Trying to be a stunt photographer before those heavy vehicles rammed into me

Our tour bus stopped at the petrol station for toilet break before continued the journey back to Ho Chi Minh City. The petrol price in Vietnam is 14,700VND, which is quite pricey since it is not a oil producing country.

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