Tuesday, June 9, 2009

071126 – Jeju Mandarin Orange Festival in Seoul

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The moment I stepped out from my office building, I heard loud music from the Cheonggye area. Being out of curiosity, I took a sneak to see what is happening. To my surprise, I saw a stage being setup as if there was a live performance. It was the Jeju Mandarin Orange festival, which aims to promote the local specialty of Jeju Island. A variety of performances and events been organized during this festival.

There was a large crowd queuing for the fruit sampling at the booths. Some booths exhibited foods with mandarin orange theme, e.g. cocktails and culinary delights. When it was not so crowded, I queued up to collect the abundant mandarin oranges that were distributed free to visitors.

There even displaying some of the world attractions made from oranges.

Statue of Liberty

The famous stone statue in Jeju and Pyramid


Eiffel Tower

Mascot of the festival

Mascot of the festival 2008

They actually baked the mandarin orange in the microwave. Weird but taste good.

One of the volunteers giving out mandarin oranges

Those were the oranges from the festival. Noticed the sizes of these oranges are smaller than the normal mandarin oranges from China. It tasted so sweet and juicy. Next to it was the goodies given out by my colleague who was going to get married, the colourful rice cake.

Alright, guess these would be my dinner…haha


  1. I challenge to any cold and flu virus to assist to this festival jajajaja, really after this festival you keep healthy for more time, and your Vitam C reserves will be plenty.

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  3. Lots of oranges! Lots of fun! How awesome