Sunday, June 21, 2009

080824 – Jump Theater and Tapgol Park

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Not much of a plan on my lazy Sunday, so I decided to watch Jump performance at Cinecore Theater, which was 5 minutes walk from my hotel in Insadong. Jump is a 90 minutes non-verbal comedy performance that is based on taekwondo martial arts.

I bought 50,000won seat at 3pm show.

I was guided to my seat and was surprised I’m sitting 3 rows away from the stage. Only realized I bought the VIP seat, darn. I should have bought the 40,000won seat where the seating was not too bad either. That’s goes my dinner budget. Haha.

Below is the synopsis of Jump
This show tells about an eccentric family who brags about their amazing martial art skills. The story begins with a man who’s in love with the daughter of this family and visits their home in which the lady’s grandfather, father, mother and uncle, all live together and are all masters of martial arts. Since her grandfather loves to practice martial arts with all the family members every day, the man has no choice but to join them.
However, contrary to his weak appearance, he discovers that he is actually good at martial arts and the daughter begins to fall in love with him. One day, two thieves break into their house, but there is nothing for them to steal. All they could do is just run away before they get caught.

Comparing with Nanta and Jump, based on my opinion, I would slightly prefer Jump. The amazing martial arts, non-verbal humor and actions astonished me. Nanta was still a good show indeed.

After the show, I walked to the nearby park called Tapgol Park. It is historically important as the site of the origin of the March 1st Movement 1919, an important part of the Korean independence movement as the first location for the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Statue of Byung Hee Son. He was a ChonDo-Kyo leader, an independence activist and involved in the education business. He headed the group of 33 men that represented the people during the March 1st movement.

The tall building was the hotel I'm staying, Fraser Suite

The only pavilion in the park

Some of the old folks like to spend their time at the pavilion

Wongaksa Pagoda is a 12m 10-storey high marble pagoda built in 1467, held in a protective glass case. It’s the National Treasure No.2 and is the only surviving stone pagoda of the Joseon period.

I then dragged myself back to my hotel and prepared to work tomorrow on my Monday blues.

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  1. Sounds strange but it is all less we care for ourselves isn't it? I think it can be a great trip. many people like to visit these places because are so wonderful!