Saturday, June 27, 2009

080903 – Dongdaemun Market and Misc Foods Adventures

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I had a mission to discover more of Seoul, so I took a 20 minutes walk to Dongdaemun market. It is the largest wholesale and retail shopping center in South Korea. That whole area in Dongdaemun is basically filled with shopping malls, specialty stores and wholesale stores. They sell everything and anything you want. It’s cheaper if you buy in bulks at the wholesale prices. The area here is always alive as there are some stores still open until wee hours.

After wandering around for an hour, I decided to get some cute pyjamas for my 20-months old son. Total damage was 28,000won.

The Cheonggye stream stretch through Dongdaemun and there is a fountain in the middle of the stream.

This is the East Gate which also called Dongdaemun. In the olden days, it served as the main eastern gate in the wall surrounding Seoul and built in 1397.

Near Insadong, I tried to be a bit adventurous for my dinner meal. I had cold noodle in soysoup called Kong guksu. It’s basically noodles with soymilk-based broth, served cold and this dish is good for summer. The soy soup was made from soy bean. I find it horrible, as the soup was tasteless but I managed to finish the noodles and other ingredients. Wasted my 4000won.

Feeling not satisfied, I had a skewered sausage and chicken at the nearby roadside stall for only 2000won.

Another food I would like to recommend was the spicy rice with braised octopus. It was real good. It cost 5500won

This was what I found out real amusing. If you are in Seoul and during emergency, do not dial 911, 999 or anything start with 9xx. You will die miserably without any responses. I saw this sign in one of the building in Seoul, you need to dial 119. How weird, haha.

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