Sunday, June 21, 2009

080823 – HOT Festival

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HOT Festival is to promote the awareness of Korean famous red chili pepper. Acronym for HOT is Health, Origin and Taste. Sorry to disappoint you, it's not the hot sassy female dancers’ festival.

City Hall with a huge South Korea flag made of thousands of individual photos.

Red chili pepper “tunnel”

Mascot of HOT Festival

Huge red chili pepper

Display of red chili pepper

There were booths selling products made of red chili pepper like tea, pepper paste, fresh red chili pepper and etc. Some booths were giving out freebies, but need to submit a survey or information, which was in Korean, too bad for me.

In the evening, there were open-air performances called Seoul Open Night

After hanging around for 20 minutes, I took a walk back to my hotel via Cheonggye Stream. Here I saw few booths been setup for the Seoul Food Festival, which I’m supposed to held in the evening.

The moment I reached Insadong, I saw a group of youngsters performing using the traditional musical instrument.

After the performance, I headed back to my hotel nearby, pampered myself with a cold shower. Adios!!!

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